Louisiana’s Top Advocate for Black Women’s Rights

Citizen SHE (Sisters Holding Equity) United is a social service organization based in Louisiana. Established in 2017, it champions the rights of Black Women and their families. We tackle a wide array of issues that impacts the community and encourages others to join our cause.

What We Want To Achieve

We want to support policies that protect our rights and make the system work for us. That is why our ultimate goal is to inspire leaders from our community.

Citizen SHE wants to enrich future change makers who will continue to engage with other Black Women in Louisiana. We will make people see that we are voters, activists, and change makers. We believe that if we set the policy agenda, change will be within our reach.

How We Can Achieve It

Our organization conducts and shares programs that encourage Black Women to raise their voices, learn about their community, and take action to improve our society. These will include checking voter registration, civic engagement activities, polls and surveys among many others.

Let Us Have a Chat

Would you like to learn more about our organization and our cause? Reach out to us today. We would love to hear from you soon!