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Weaving a new tapestry of engaged Black Women

Addressing Black Women’s Needs Through Systematic Change

Citizen SHE envision a Louisiana that respects and responds to the multidimensional needs of Black Women from every walk of life. SHE is weaving a new tapestry of engaged Black Women who will become Louisiana’s advocates, operatives, decision makers, and power brokers. SHE’s work reorganizes Louisiana’s power structures to recognize Black Women as activists, leaders, and influencers who represent a crucial base of power. SHE’s strategies include leadership development, policy creation, collective advocacy, mobilizing Black voters, and engaging policy makers.

A Social Service Organization

It is our belief that learning and growing happen in tandem and if we are going to grow our collective global influence we must also teach and develop new leaders so that the ecosystem grows and is sustainable. These projects focus primarily on:
1. Demystifying multilayered community engagement.
2. Best practices for creating leader networks and communication within those networks.
3. Best practices for media training and public speaking.
4. Best practices for messaging around specific issue organizing.

Projects for Women

Citizen SHE hosts, partners with, and posts about various activities that allow Black Women to participate in society and talk about community issues. We encourage everyone to join us in these programs to advance our cause.

What We Do and What You Can Do

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Empower Leaders

Our ultimate goal is to inspire leaders from our ranks and help them improve their capabilities. We will help them so they can educate policymakers about our agenda and continue to engage other Black Women in Louisiana in discussions.

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Educate Fellow Voters

Are you updated about the recent bills that have been passed or proposed? It can be hard to learn all this, but it is an important part of being a citizen. We will provide information about various policymakers and their work, so you can choose who to vote for yourself.

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Engage in Discussion

Answer our polls and surveys, watch our shows, and write testimonies about how you feel about various policies. Our platform is a safe space for all Black women in Louisiana who want to speak their minds.

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Exercise Our Rights

Are you a registered voter? Check your status on our platform and invite 10 others from your circle to do the same. Of course, do not forget to exercise your right and vote for a competent leader.

Got Questions? Message Us!

Our line is always open for questions and concerns about what we do. If you are interested in learning more about our cause, get in touch with us today.