A Step To End Race-Based Hair Discrimination

Black Women all speak Black Hair. Despite it’s unique beauty, the heavy social, economic and health implications that many Black Women face regarding our hair has led to the need to pass ordinances and Bills across Louisiana that protect those of us who choose to wear our hair in a natural hairstyle. While touring the state of Louisiana we got the privilege to listen to Black Women and Girls throughout the state. We got to honor each of their personal journeys while joyously weaving together our collective shared experiences.

Black Women’s issues are not a priority for decision-makers, but Black women voters are an untapped source for policy influence. In partnership with almost 100 Black Women led Organizations throughout the state, in 2021, after our work was successful in securing the first “C.R.O.W.N. Act” to be passed in the deep South, New Orleans, Detangled, Citizen SHE United, Citizen SHE and 4910 Rosalie Productions joined forces.

Photos of Black women and girls, #FreeToBeFree and #FreeTheHair campaign



Nia Weeks
Founder and Executive Director of Citizen SHE United
email: [email protected]